Story County asks: Where do the Supervisor candidates stand?

With one week left before the general election, residents from across Story County seek firm positions from candidates on critical issues

Over 50 members gathered November 1st at the Ames Public Library  to ask the Story County Board of Supervisor candidates the tough questions on where they stand on our issues.

The forum was attended by Lauris Olson and Scott Schaben (candidates for the four-year seat), as well as Martin Chitty and Linda Murken (candidates for the two-year seat).

Members narrowed in on four main issues that directly impact the lives of residents across Story County.

  1. Raising the minimum wage to a livable wage of $15/hour
  2. How the candidates will stop factory farm pollution in our lakes and rivers
  3. Where the candidates stand on stopping construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline and measures they will take to stop it
  4. How the candidates will limit the role of big money in local elections

Check out this great piece from the Iowa State Daily which captures the play-by-play of our incredible people-powered event!

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