Saying “NO!” to disenfranchising election policy

On Wednesday, November 14th, Republicans of Blackhawk County hosted a community town hall event on Voter ID – a proposal requiring voters to show ID at the poll before casting a ballot, amongst other restrictions.

CCI Action members attended the event to counter the dominant narrative at the town hall- we won’t stand for election policy that disenfranchises minorities, veterans, the elderly, and the poor.

When the forum began, the Republicans of Black Hawk County introduced Charlie Smithson, Legal Counsel for Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz. Smithson discussed voter ID for a few short minutes, then opened up the floor for questions and comments.

The question-answer session was rife with misinformation – mirroring the debate surrounding voter ID.

Attendees shared stories of individuals voting up to 3 times per election – casting an early vote, an absentee vote, and an in-person vote on election day.

The truth is, Iowa Secretary of State’s investigation into “voter fraud” in Iowa has proven fruitless – the $100,000 (so far) witch hunt has resulted in zero convictions.

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