Iowa Senate Republicans introduce bad Voter ID bill

Iowa Senate Republicans introduced a bad Voter ID bill yesterday.

This is the same bill Secretary of State Matt Schultz introduced at the beginning of the legislative session. All 24 Republicans signed onto this same bill.

The Voter ID bill would require proof of identification and proof of residence in order to register to vote or to vote; and establishes a criminal offense for falsely registering and voting.

Sounds harmless, right?

About 67,000 people in Iowa’s electorate do not have a photo ID.

Critics contend that Voter ID is a deliberate attempt by conservatives to disenfranchise poor people of color, seniors, and students because these are the folks who are most likely to not have a photo ID.

“Voter ID is a solution in search of a problem and Schultz and Senate Republicans need to drop their misguided crusade and end this witch-hunt for non-existent voter fraud.  The real way to preserve the integrity of our electoral process is with universal voter registration and campaign finance reform.  People in, money out,” said Aaron Jorgensen-Briggs, a CCI Action Fund member from Des Moines.

Jorgensen-Briggs was nearly the victim of confusing poll rules Secretary of State Schultz issued last year that said poll workers could demand photo ID if they did not recognize the voter.

“I know for a fact that Voter ID can restrict my voting rights because I showed up to vote on November 6 at Des Moines precinct 35 and was temporarily turned away for not having a photo ID because of confusing rules issued by Secretary Schultz.  Luckily, I knew my rights, called Iowa CCI, and was eventually allowed to vote without having to show any ID.  But if Voter ID is actually turned into law, legally eligible voters like myself would be turned away from the polls without just cause, and that’s not right.”

Take Action!

Tell your legislators and Secretary of State Matt Schultz to stop the witch hunt for non-existent voter fraud and to support legislation that expands voting rights!

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