Getting the revolution started: “The People’s Summit”

Three dozen CCI Action members joined with thousands this weekend in Chicago for “The People’s Summit”.

Attendees vowed to continue the political revolution to change business as usual politics back home in their communities through bold issue campaigns like the Fight for $15 and bold electoral campaigns that put everyday people into elected office up and down the ballot.

True progressive change comes from the bottom up, and the People’s Summit showed that the political revolution is far from over – in fact, it is just getting started.  A diverse array of organizations and everyday people at the Summit talked about big ideas and a bold agenda we’ll push across the country at the local, state and federal level to build a better future for all people.

And we’re all in this for the long haul.  Here in Iowa, members came back ready to Fight for $15, enact a moratorium on factory farms, run everyday people for political office, and more.

The political revolution was never just about one candidate… or any candidate or elected official.  It’s about people like you who effect change at home in our communities, and build a larger community of social justice fighters who will go toe-to-toe with corporate power and business as usual politicians who would like for us to be quiet and be told what’s best for us.

The People’s Summit, the work you do, the work CCI Action members do day in and day out is proof otherwise.  And working together we will win.  A living wage, universal healthcare, clean water as a fundamental right is just the beginning.  With people powered politics, we’re unstoppable.


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People-powered movements are gaining steam and making real and necessary progress across the country…We need more of that in Iowa and that’s why we’re rethinking what’s politically possible. 

You’ll hear from doers and thinkers from around the nation and get plugged into what’s ahead for us to be unstoppable.


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