CCI Action Wins $15 Minimum Wage Fight at IDP State Convention

Members organized convention delegates as part of their Fight for 15 statewide campaign

We won a floor fight at the Iowa Democratic State Convention to insert a $15 minimum wage plank into the state party platform. The amendment passed with overwhelming support shortly before 1 a.m. Sunday morning.

The victory comes as counties around the state are considering raising the minimum wage from the federal level of $7.25/hour. Johnson County has already passed a raise, and thanks to pressure from CCI Action members, the Polk County Board of Supervisors has formed a task force to examine the issue.

CCI Action members forced a debate on the plank by gathering petition signatures from more than a third of all convention delegates. CCI Action member Holly Herbert spoke in favor of the plank:

“If you’re on the fence about this issue, last night at the Hall of Fame dinner, Roxanne Conlin announced she is in favor of a $15 minimum wage. Patty Judge did the same. Now it’s up to the Fight for $15 movement to make sure they govern as they campaign.”

“I encourage Mike Gronstal to move a $15 minimum wage forward in the Iowa Senate,” Herbert continued.

The state convention comes at the end of a Democratic primary season where Senator Bernie Sanders, the endorsed candidate of CCI Action, championed the $15 minimum wage.

Following a virtual tie in Iowa’s February caucuses, Sanders won four of Iowa’s nine at-large delegates to the national convention. The convention also passed a plank declaring opposition to superdelegates.


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