Sample bird dogging questions for candidates

What is bird dogging? Presidential candidates are flocking to Iowa to court our vote. But where do they stand on our issues? Bird dogging candidates is an effective way to find out where they stand on the issues and shape the national debate. Read this guide by Matthew Covington and let the bird dogging begin!

1. Will you support the Green New Deal?

Catastrophic climate change is rapidly destroying our climate, and the clock is ticking. With leading reports saying we have less than 12 years to address this global problem, the Green New Deal is a bold framework for us to start tackling the problem head on. We want a 100% just transition (100% renewable energy for 100% of the people), a jobs guarantee, and we want the Green New Deal to include rural communities and ag as part of the solution.

2. Will you support a moratorium on factory farms and stronger oversight of “big Ag” for clean water?

Iowa is deep within a water crisis – we have 750 impaired waterways and many towns and cities have trouble providing safe drinking water. This water crisis is largely due to Iowa’s 10k factory farms housing over 26 million hogs; and corporate agribusinesses who are putting their profits ahead of people and our planet. We have too many factory farms, too much factory farm manure, and we need a moratorium now, paired with tougher rules and regulations to crack down on water pollution.

3. Will you support and push for Medicare for All?

Insurance corporations and drug companies are profiting off of our access to healthcare through out of control prescription drug prices, skyrocketing premiums, and more. Iowa’s privatized Medicaid crisis is further proof as to why profits should have no place in our healthcare system because private corporations exist to make money, not provide us quality care. We need a single-payer healthcare system that puts people before corporate profits.

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