2016 Convention Feature: Reclaim Chicago



When we talk about changing “business as usual” politics, Reclaim Chicago is the real deal. They know taking on corporate power and big money is key to making life better for all people. They’ve woven together racial and economic justice policy battles and tough-as-nails political organizing to take on the big monied, entrenched “Rahm Emanuel” machine in Chicago and win. An organizer and key leaders will be on hand to discuss how they’ve mobilized new political activism to take on Chicago’s political establishment and score powerful wins.


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Reclaim Chicago’s most recent victory came after endorsing and getting out the vote for Kim Foxx for Cook County State’s Attorney. Foxx won the election which ousted Anita Alvarez. Alvarez was considered one of the worst prosecutors in the nation after waiting 400 days to file charges against a Chicago police officer who fatally shot a Black  teenager 16 times in what some say was a collaboration with Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel.

This was an inspiring win for racial justice and it redefines what’s possible for working at the intersection of elections and reform movements. We can’t wait to hear what Reclaim Chicago has to say!

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