CCI, community grills Schultz on voter ID, voter purge rule

70 community members, including dozens of CCI Action members, packed the Interfaith Alliance’s “Crossroads” – a monthly gathering designed to promote civil dialogue within the community. Friday’s  program featured Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz.

Schultz gave a brief speech on current voting issues and his legislative agenda for the voting process in Iowa.  Following Schultz’s speech, a question-answer session ensued – multiple audience members grilled Schultz regarding Voter ID and proposals he’s pushed as Secretary of State.

All speakers voiced concerns over Schultz’s legislative agenda in Iowa – including voter ID and voter purge rule.  Schultz’s Monday statements at the Iowa Faith and Freedom coalition, receiving national attention, weighed heavily on attendee’s minds:

In a speech at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition on Monday, you stated that Republicans need to pass Voter ID legislation in order to advance the Republican social agenda… this is an obvious attempt to suppress the young and minority voter.”  – CCI Action member Cherie Mortice

Members of the audience echoed and added to Mortice’s concerns.

Ahna Kruzic told Schultz his voter ID plan would impact access to voting in her rural hometown. “I’m from a small town, and our auditor’s office has sporadic hours. How do you expect folks to make it there to pick up their ID? My community is largely low-income, how do you expect them to take time off work to pick up their ID, when they can’t afford their medications and live 30 miles from the courthouse?”

CCI Action member Debbie Bunka of Ames wrapped up the gathering  in a powerful appeal to Secretary Schultz to end his hunt for voting “cheaters”.

“I resent being referred to as a cheater simply because I am an immigrant. I believe most people come to this country and make it better – they don’t come here to cheat in elections…You’re just restricting access.”

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