CCI Action on Gov. Reynold’s speech

Statement from Cherie Mortice, Iowa CCI Action Fund Board President, in response to Governor Reynolds’ Condition of the State address:

“What was notable about the Governor’s Condition of the State address was not what she said, but what she didn’t say.

On education, what we needed to hear was a call for accurate, honest, and fully-funded public education that enables every child – no matter their zip code, race, or background – to learn from the mistakes of our racist past in order to make a better future for all. And, ensuring schools have the funds and technology to support in-person and online learning to protect the most vulnerable.

On our workforce, we needed to hear that Iowa will ensure working people can make ends meet. Iowa is long overdue to raise the state minimum wage, stuck at $7.25/hr for nearly 15 years now to a livable wage, and workers deserve better working conditions.

On taxes, we needed to hear that revenue matters and we will invest our tax dollars wisely to finally address our fragile mental healthcare infrastructure, tackle the increasing costs of childcare and its shrinking workforce, increase support and training for direct care workers, and other underfunded programs that will make Iowa an attractive state for people to live and thrive.

On our environment, we needed to hear that we will take on the corporate-owned factory farms and the pollution they create and that we will invest in programs to support family farmers, once the backbone of our state. And if she wants transparency in schools, how about she lead by example and be transparent with everyday Iowans and landowners about political kingpin Bruce Rastetter’s carbon capture pipeline that will tear across the state and uproot families’ lands and livelihood for the monetary gain of a select few.

We heard a lot of rhetoric in the Governor’s address, but little substance, let alone policy that reflects Iowa values of trust in each other, lifting each other up in times of need, and creating ‘fields of opportunities’ for all Iowans of all backgrounds, identities, and abilities.”


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