CCI Action Fund Continues the Political Revolution

As the results of the final party primaries roll in, the people-power group Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund (CCI Action) pledged to continue the progressive political revolution that is happening all across the country.

“Here in Iowa, the political revolution is just getting started, and CCI Action Fund is leading the charge,” said Barb Kalbach, a CCI Action member who is also a national delegate for Senator Bernie Sanders. “Bernie’s campaign shows that Iowans are fed up with business-as-usual politics and are ready to take on the political establishment.”

“At CCI Action, we’re going to continue to push the issues that matter most to everyday Iowans, like a living wage of $15/hour, stopping the Bakken pipeline, and getting big money out of politics,” Kalbach continued.

CCI Action Fund was one of the few statewide organizations in Iowa to endorse Sanders before the Iowa caucuses on February 1. Sanders went on to win the support of almost 50% of Democratic caucus attendees.

“The Bernie campaign got me involved in politics for the first time,” said Phouthasack Keoprasenth, a CCI Action member from Des Moines. “I joined CCI Action because the political revolution is about building a movement, not just about one candidate.”

Here in Iowa, CCI Action members are planning to attend the Democratic State Convention on Saturday, June 18 in force. That same weekend, a busload of CCI Action members will be attending the People’s Summit in Chicago, a “historic convening of organizations and individuals committed to social, racial and economic justice” that is being organized by Sanders supporters.


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