CCI Action endorses Indira Sheumaker for Des Moines City Council Ward 1

Red square with a photo of Indira Sheumaker with the words iowa cci endorses indira sheumaker for des moines city council ward one

Our vision of changing business-as-usual politics starts and stops with people and our planet. That’s movement politics: bringing real people, our issues, and our solutions into the center of our political system.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our endorsement of Indira Sheumaker for Des Moines City Council Ward 1. We believe that our health, water, and climate are too important to be compromised for profit. And, we’re ready for city councilors who believe the same to be in the fight with us.

Over the last year, the Des Moines City Council continually protected police violence, MidAmerican Energy’s profits, & silenced residents. In recent years, the council chose not to support a Welcoming City ordinance to protect immigrant and refugee neighbors in the wake of Trump’s election, nor stand up for our water or have Des Moines Water Work CEO Bill Stowe’s back when he came under attack by corporate ag.

CCI Action Fund Board president Cherie Mortice on our endorsement:

“Indira is a grassroots candidate. She believes in the power of everyday people and regularly stands in solidarity with folks advocating for themselves and their communities. Indira would be powerful new voice on the city council. After over a year of city council silencing and ignoring the residents of Des Moines, it’s time to elect a city councilor that stand with us.”

Endorsements aren’t decisions our member’s make lightly. Our three-month endorsement process was led by a team of over 25 CCI Action members, and included questionnaires and screening meetings.

As always, CCI Action is committed to using this endorsement to lift up our issues, take on the corporate power status quo, and invite more people into the electorate and our movement. Electing Indira Sheumaker for Des Moines’s Ward 1 is one step in the bigger fight to put People and Planet First. Onward!

Monday & Thursdays, 5-8 pm on Zoom

Click here for more information on phone banks or to sign up.

For sign up or for questions, please contact our movement politics organizers:

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