Billboard to Iowans: Dump Trump!

IMG_0825Grassroots activists and Iowa CCI Action Fund are bringing a simple message to Iowans in Des Moines on Friday in the form of a billboard that reads “Iowans Deserve Better: Dump Trump”.

The billboard comes on the heels of the Republican presidential nominee’s visit and similar billboard in Cedar Rapids last week and in advance of his visit to Des Moines.

The electronic billboard will run all day Friday beginning at midnight, and is located at the intersection of Fleur and McKinley facing south toward the Des Moines International Airport.

“The easiest thing to say is that Iowans deserve better,” said Jordan Sellergren with People Not Billionaires that led the crowd funding effort to bring the billboard to Des Moines.“It’s important to speak out against those fanning the flames of hate and divisiveness. We as a state, and as a country, really just deserve much better.”

“Trump’s rhetoric of hate, fear, violence and racism have dangerous consequences for people in our communities. We can’t stand by and let that happen,” said Hugh Espey, Executive Director of Iowa CCI Action Fund who worked to place the billboard.

“We believe we all do better when nobody is left behind or left out. We need candidates and elected officials who embrace this country’s diversity and work to make life better for everyone.”

The Dump Trump Billboard in Des Moines comes on the heels of a similar sign last week in Cedar Rapids that coincided with Trump’s campaign stop there.


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