A virtual tie, a Bernie win

No one expected last night’s results. Bernie’s virtual tie with Clinton sends a strong and hopeful message:

  • Campaigns that run on bold People and Planet First issues excite and inspire people
  • Competitive campaigns can be financed by real folks with small dollar contributions – instead of corrosive big money
  • Young people came out in force – a generational shift for the political revolution is here
  • Iowans are ready to take on the political establishment and change “business as usual” politics

The Iowa caucuses just let the nation know that we’re ready for a political revolution.

Thank you to the hundreds of members who helped give legs to CCI Action’s endorsement of Sanders and the movement over the last few weeks – thank you for your enthusiasm and countless hours of calls. And thank you to anyone who participated this caucus season – for whichever candidate or issue campaign you supported. Thanks for not sitting on the sidelines, but engaging fully in our democratic process.

Now on to the political revolution.  What does that look like exactly? It looks like us – Bernie said it himself in an interview with Time Magazine. Click here to give it a read!

The virtual tie at the caucuses will sustain our incredible momentum. People and Planet First issues can win, but Bernie can’t do it alone.

Here is the next big opportunity to build the people powered movement in Iowa:


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