A bill for a Clean Water Iowa introduced!

Our bill to strengthen manure application laws was introduced in the House (HF TBD) and Senate (SSB 1191 & SF 256).

Your hard work is paying off!

We know that voluntary compliance hasn’t worked for Iowans for decades. It’s time for commonsense policy that puts People & Planet First.

If passed, the bill will strengthen the state’s ban on spreading liquid manure from factory farms:

1) When the ground is frozen & snow-covered;

2) When the ground is water saturated;

3) When the 24 hour weather forecast calls for 1/4 inch of rain or more; and

4) On ground that has a 20% slope or more.

Corporate Ag is in crisis mode – now is the time to fight harder than ever to make sure we build an agriculture system that works for us, the land and future generations.

Stay tuned – we’ll be taking action on this bill soon!


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