40,615 thank yous!

Last week was a wonderful demonstration of our people power. Thank you!

Over the course of just five days, 537 Iowa CCI Action supporters came through to help us change “business as usual” politics at the Statehouse, in elections and beyond.

Thanks to your collective generosity, we’ve raised over $40,615, exceeding our goal by over $15,000.

It’s humbling. And, energizing!

And, true to CCI style, this campaign was powered by those who care most about the work.

  • A team of 30 members and staff set big personal fundraising goals and actively, and creatively, asked their friends and family to chip in.
  • 36 members jumped on the phones to help us connect and have great conversations with hundreds of members. (The phone bank celebrity guests were the highlight of my week.)
  • 8 members went big with matching gifts that challenged us to start and end our week super strong. (Thank you!)
  • 537 of you chipped in anywhere from $10 – $500, all gifts a vote on the type of world you’d like to see.

A BIG thank you to each and every one of you. We truly appreciate your financial support, but even more so your kind words, your belief and confidence in our work, and your desire to make Iowa a more just and democratic place.

Our fundraising is an extension of our organizing. It’s about connecting with our membership, expanding our base and funding the work we need to do to win the Iowa we want to see.

Money from individuals, like you, is so important as it allows us to organize on what people really care about, helps us pivot quickly in key fights, and helps us be bold, independent and around for the long haul.

Deepest thanks, 40,615 times (and counting)!

If you didn’t give yet, it’s never too late! You can still help us up our people and political power in 2016. Donate here.

Also, true to CCI style – we work hard, but try to have a darn good time doing it. Check out some behind the scenes faces and fun from our $25K in 5 campaign week here.

Join the fight!

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