Agenda – A Future Worth Fighting For Annual Convention

8:00 am          Registration & Coffee
Grand Concourse
Coffee available in Grand Concourse
Pie auction, photo booth, and action tables open

9:00 am         Opening Plenary
Rooms 303-306
Cherie Mortice, member
Nuestra Danza Sin Fronteras
Barb Kalbach, CCI Action Board President
Lori Young, member
We Still Rise
Cathy Glasson, member and movement candidate
How we win: Aligning and Organizing across race, place, class, and gender
 Favianna Rodriguez, CultureStrike
Rashad Robinson, Color of Change
George Goehl, People’s Action

10:30 am      Break

10:40 am      Workshops – Session 1                                                      Rooms 301-310

  • Organizing in Trump Country: Beating Back Corporate Ag’s Attack in Missouri (Room 301)
  • **The Power of Art, Culture, and Storytelling in Social Justice Movements (Room 306)
  • From Protest to Power: Movement Politics in Practice (Room 308)
  • The Fight of Our Lives: Building a Caring Majority in Our Healthcare System (Room 309)
  • Making our Energy Utilities Work for Us: 100% Clean Energy for All  (Room 310)

11:40 am      Lunch                                                                                    Plenary Space, 303-306

12:40 pm      Workshops – Session 2                                                        Rooms 301-310
                        Same as above,  except **The Power of Art in Social Justice Movements is only offered in the a.m.

1:40 pm        Break

1:50 pm        Afternoon Plenary                                                  Plenary Space, 303-306
Welcome – Vanessa Marcano-Kelly, member
Victory Stories – CCI Action members
Funding the Movement – Hugh Espey, CCI Action Director
Rise Up! A Future Worth Fighting For
Introduction – Nick Schutt, member
Keynote speaker – Senator Nina Turner 

3:40 pm        Call to Action & Adjourn
Pie auction results, upcoming events, next steps – Cherie Mortice, member