2016 CONVENTION FEATURE: Illinois People’s Action



Illinois People’s Action (IPA)  is a grassroots group in downstate Illinois fighting for a clean climate and just energy transition. We’re at a pivotal moment where we need to change the world and that means changing who owns energy – us, not corporations. IPA is leading that fight for a just transition. They have a big vision and they’re achieving it. Three years ago they brought fracking to a halt in Illinois by collecting 36,000 comments to turn into the Illinois Department of Natural Resources! Check out what they’re bringing to this year’s Convention…


dawn and tony for FB


Dawn Dannenbring is IPA’s sharp lead organizer on their environmental justice campaigns and Reverend Tony Pierce is a dynamic leader who attended the United Nation’s climate talks in Paris to represent the people.  Their work with IPA to fight against fossil fuels and to ensure clean energy jobs go to people of color is an inspiration on how we pivot from fossil-fuel pipelines to wind and solar based renewables.

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