The Nine Questions Every Candidate Should Answer

Elections are a big opportunity for us to push our bold issue solutions and help shape the issue environment that our elected officials and candidates operate in.

Now is the time to ask targeted questions – beyond stump speeches – and challenge candidates to be bolder!  

Here are nine questions that come directly out of our organizing campaigns:


1) Clean Water:
Iowa has a clean water crisis, and runoff from factory farms is a major cause. Do you support a moratorium on new or expanding factory farms until there are fewer than 100 polluted waterways, and local control of factory farms?

2) Immigration:
Last year, the Iowa Legislature proposed legislation that would pit our law enforcement agencies against our immigrant and refugee friends and neighbors. Will you call for the repeal of SF481 and ensure that no law enforcement agency in Iowa will be deputized under Immigration and Customs Enforcement?

3) Raising the wage:
Living wages are good for workers, our families, our business and our communities. Do you support a statewide living wage of at least $15/hour for all Iowa workers?

4) Healthcare:
Everyone has the right to quality healthcare but Iowans are receiving worse healthcare than ever. As governor, will you implement a state-level program that guarantees universal, high-quality healthcare to all Iowans and the creation of a universal Long-Term Care program?

5) Climate:
Climate change is happening before our eyes and is becoming even more urgent by the day. What is your plan to transition Iowa to 100% clean energy that benefits all Iowans?

6) Money in Politics:
Our pay-to-play system of financing elections means that corporate special interests can buy off elected officials. Will you push for a small dollar donor/public financing system to get big money out of politics?

7) Racial Justice:
Recent history shows that Iowa’s new Stand Your Ground bill will be used to target communities of color.  Will you work to repeal the Stand Your Ground law in Iowa?

8) Higher Education:
Communities across Iowa, the US, and the world face increasingly oppressive levels of student debt as tuition rates are pushed ever higher. Will you support legislation to make Iowa’s public colleges and universities tuition free for all students?

9) Budget:
Governors Branstad and Reynolds have created a state revenue crisis with their corporate handouts, including the 2013 commercial property tax deal that they passed with the support of legislative Democrats. Do you pledge to roll back this corporate tax break and close other corporate tax loopholes?


We’d like to hear how candidates answer these questions – and you can help!

Candidates for office – up and down the ticket – are holding campaign events across the state. It’s also political event season and the door and phone canvassing will start to pick up.  If you get a chance, ask one of these questions, then contact us at 515-255-0800 or to let us know how they answer.


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