CCI Action endorses Deidre DeJear for Governor 2022

At CCI Action we believe in doing politics differently. That means using elections to advance our key issue campaigns and supporting candidates who believe, like we do, that we need to put people and the planet first.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our endorsement of Deidre DeJear for Governor!

We know that the solutions to the issues we face come from the folks who experience them every day. DeJear shares that value.  She didn’t just go through our regular endorsement process, she also spent time listening to and learning from CCI Action members about the dangers of factory farms and CO2 pipelines.

Our members believe she is committed to fighting alongside rural Iowans with us. Together we will make it tougher for polluters to do business-as-usual and make them pay for the damage they cause.

“Deidre understands, like we do, that change only comes from the bottom up. She’s committed to listening to and working with everyday Iowans in order to fight for a more just and equitable state.”

– Cherie Mortice, CCI Action Board President, Des Moines

Deidre’s campaign site

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