Cathy Glasson for Governor

Cathy Glasson is an Intensive Care Unit nurse and union organizer.

She has a long history of fighting alongside everyday people on movement issues – and now she’s running for governor as a Democrat.

Cathy believes that Iowans deserve:

Learn more about Cathy’s positions on the issues here.

Are you ready to take action on these issues?

Then join us by voting for Cathy in the primary on June 5th!

The primaries are a key way to show that Iowans want action on water, wages, and healthcare for all.

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About CCI Action Fund

CCI Action is a statewide, people-power organization fighting for social, economic, environmental, and racial justice.

We’re about doing politics differently. We know we need a grassroots movement of everyday people to win on the issues we care about.

Cathy Glasson agrees with us. That’s why we’ve endorsed her for governor. You can learn more about our endorsement process here.

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