It’s #M4A May!

That’s right, we’re announcing “Medicare for All (M4A) May” here at CCI Action. I’m excited, and hope you’ll take action with us at some point (or several!) throughout the month. Why May and why now? Well, next Thursday, Sen. Bernie Sanders is reintroducing Medicare for All in the U.S. Senate. And as we still deal with the lingering effects of a global pandemic, it’s never been more clear that the health of ourselves and loved ones is dependent upon the health of our neighbors, communities, and country. So over the month of May we’re taking action to challenge the insurance and pharmaceutical industries and other corporate interests that profit from our current, broken healthcare system. We’re picking strategic fights to move us closer to Medicare for All. You’ll hear more over the next several weeks of how you can plug in, but to kick us off, I hope you’ll be able to: Join us for our Medicare for All...

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A “New Deal” for the caregiving workforce

As a CCI Action member and supporter, I remember feeling excited learning about Caring Across Generations at CCI Action’s Sept. 21, 2019 People’s Presidential Forum.  We heard stories of family members whose lives are put on hold as they care for older and very young family members. We learned about this multiracial, multi-generational movement to transform the way we care so that everyone providing and receiving care can do so with dignity. We put the presidential candidates on notice about what we wanted as an important plank in a people-and-planet-first platform. Well, even though Joe Biden did not attend that forum or speak at our convention, his campaign has released a plan that starts to address this critical issue. That is what our CCI Action movement politics does: it puts policies above the politician. Among the ripples we started, and the promises Joe’s opponents made on the stage last fall, I am sure our voices were heard and contributed to this plan. And...

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“Public Option” doesn’t guarantee healthcare for all

Cherie Mortice, CCI Action Fund Board President. Originally appeared in the Cedar Rapids Gazette. What’s our biggest health care issue? Cost. Many of us worry whether we can afford to go to the doctor we like or get the care we need. And there’s numerous proposals by current Democratic candidates for President aimed at addressing that concern, but only one that truly gets to the heart of the problem. Proposed solutions like John Delaney’s “BetterCare,” or Pete Buttigieg’s “Medicare for All Who Want It,” or introducing a new public insurance plan alongside the for-profit insurers (the “public option”) may sound nice, but do not control costs. And it leaves open the door for private insurers to game the system by offering bare-bones plans to healthy individuals, further burdening our public system. Only an all-in system will truly control costs and address the insecurity we feel within our current system. In the name of political expediency, these...

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