HF295 will pass, but here’s an idea…

Today, the Senate State Government committee passed HF295, the bad preemption bill that will lower the minimum wage for nearly 100,000 Iowans and gut local control on minimum wage and other employment matters.

Call your Senator - then give this a try, too...

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ALERT: Dangerous corporate power bill on the move

A bill that lowers the county minimum wage increase for 100K Iowans is on the move … but read why this bill is even more dastardly than that.

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Legislature moves to lower minimum wage increases

TAKE ACTION: The House Local Government sub-committee met to discuss HSB 92, a bill that would prohibit counties and cities from having local control in employment matters, including establishing a minimum wage.

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Branstad plans to halt, not help minimum wage at Statehouse

Don't hold your breath for Branstad's support of a statewide minimum wage increase - it's not going to happen. Branstad plans to take action. But not in the way county leaders and Iowa workers are hoping for. The governor is adamantly opposed to the county raises and would like the State Legislature to pass measures to preempt such measures from continuing.

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2016 Convention Feature: Larry Cohen

"We are ready to stand up and fight back."

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2016 Convention Feature: Les Leopold

He's an expert on how to win our day to day battles for justice and democracy....

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