It’s kickoff time!

Today we’re kicking off the biggest and boldest fundraising campaign we’ve ever done. Our goal: $25,000 in 5 days

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Latham sponsors bill to “let” Americans keep their overpriced coverage

Representative Tom Latham has sponsored a bill to "let" Americans keep their overpriced health insurance.

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CCI Action Fund Members Weigh-in on Senator Hatch’s Tax Plan

Senator Jack Hatch´s recently released progressive tax reform proposals are, overall, a demonstration of bold leadership - but the net loss of revenue under Hatch´s plan is a real concern for CCI Action Fund members.

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The community calls on GE – keep your promise!

Over 60 community members attended a community forum to call on GE to keep its promise to the community, and stay in Burlington.

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The five questions they should really ask at tomorrow’s GOP Senate debate

We know the corporate-back hosts of the GOP debate wouldn't dare expose the candidates' true intentions in running for Iowa's open Senate seat - so we're doing it for them.

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Don’t default on the American people

We must stop governing crisis to crisis. We need to open the government, raise the debt ceiling and pass a budget that increases revenue and invests in America.

That's the message CCI Action members delivered to Representative Tom Latham and President Obama as the government shutdown drags on for a third week.

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