Phone bank with us to impact change in Des Moines

Join us on Zoom Mondays and Thursdays! CCI Action members believe in doing politics differently. For us, that means bringing real people, our issues, and our solutions into the center of our political system and electing our people to office.We endorsed Des Moines City Council Ward 1 Candidate Indira Sheumaker because she is aligned with our vision for Des Moines and our belief of doing politics differently.The November 2nd local election provides us an opportunity to do just that in our capital city: prioritize people before the profits of big developers, polluters of our rivers, and police violence. To make that Des Moines a reality and inspire other communities, we have to reach out to more residents and move them to vote.  Join us for a phone bank shift to help us get out the vote and elect a movement candidate:  Thursday, October 14, 5pm-8pm RSVP hereMonday, October 18, 5pm-8pm RSVP hereThursday, October 21, 5pm-8pm RSVP hereMonday,...

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CCI Action endorses Indira Sheumaker for Des Moines City Council Ward 1

Red square with a photo of Indira Sheumaker with the words iowa cci endorses indira sheumaker for des moines city council ward one

Our vision of changing business-as-usual politics starts and stops with people and our planet. That’s movement politics: bringing real people, our issues, and our solutions into the center of our political system. That’s why we’re excited to announce our endorsement of Indira Sheumaker for Des Moines City Council Ward 1. We believe that our health, water, and climate are too important to be compromised for profit. And, we’re ready for city councilors who believe the same to be in the fight with us. Over the last year, the Des Moines City Council continually protected police violence, MidAmerican Energy’s profits, & silenced residents. In recent years, the council chose not to support a Welcoming City ordinance to protect immigrant and refugee neighbors in the wake of Trump’s election, nor stand up for our water or have Des Moines Water Work CEO Bill Stowe’s back when he came under attack by corporate ag. CCI Action Fund Board president...

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Worst In 100 Years: The Condition of the State for Everyday Iowans

January 2021 report: After decades of disinvestment and de-regulation, working-class Iowans need a Billion Dollar Pandemic Relief Plan that puts people and the planet first The Condition of Everyday Iowans is the most precarious it has been in generations, the result of longstanding economic, environmental, and societal problems accelerated by the global Covid-19 pandemic and made worse by a state and federal government that prioritizes corporate profits over essential workers, immigrants, the sick, and the elderly.  Governor Reynolds and President Trump’s false dichotomy of either saving the economy or saving vulnerable lives is a lie that protects giant corporations at the expense of working-class families and the environment. Consumers’ fear of the virus and their subsequent change in purchasing behavior has negatively impacted the economy more than public health orders and closures. Most measures at the state and federal level have lacked the economic and...

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We’re raising $50K in 5 days – your gift will be DOUBLED!

The only way through this is forward, The only way forward is together. CCI Actions biggest fundraiser and membership drive of the year is Monday, November 30 – Friday, December 4. Donate or join today! Take a deep breath – We did it.    We made Donald Trump a one-term president.    This election was won by the people—people like you and me who are bonded not by candidate or party, but by a vision for a better future, a future where everyone counts, no exceptions.   CCI Action members and our allies across the country strategized and organized to vote Trump out—and that’s exactly what we did. We saw what is possible when Black, Indigenous, Latinx, working class white folks, students, and all kinds of people organize. We can take on the most powerful politicians and their corporate backers and win.  The end of the...

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Wondering what’s next?

While Iowa’s election results have us reeling this morning, we want to talk about the presidential race.  Joe Biden is ahead in total votes and is surging in key battleground states where ballots are being counted, right now, by local election workers.  These votes represent our voices. And our voices will be heard. Our work is clear: we have to come together to demand every vote is counted. If our democratic process is respected, the presidential race will be a resounding win for the people. We’re seeing a red-to-blue shift in presidential vote totals, and that’s what we expected: Joe Biden urged his supporters to vote early while Donald Trump cast doubts on the security of early and absentee ballots and promoted unsafe day-of voting crowds. That means that votes for Trump were tallied first, while many of the ballots being counted now are significantly shifting the total towards Biden.  Trump’s conspiracy theories, lies, and...

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Join us for election analysis and actions Nov. 3 – 7

Updated 11/6/2020 Together, we must demand that our election officials protect our sacred right to vote and take the time to count every ballot. We have to stick together to ensure that voters decide the winners of this election and no one else. Iowa CCI Action has joined Democracy Defenders Iowa—a broad coalition of groups committed to standing up, speaking out, and protecting our democracy ahead of, during, and after the election. The people can prevail, but it’s up to us. No system or process can save us. November 7 – Prepared to Mobilize – Voters Decide Rallies SAVE THIS DATE! In America, our elections are decided by voters, not by fiat or decree. Everyone’s vote must be counted. Attempts to selectively stop some votes from being counted is disgusting and unAmerican – and must be met with massive pushback. This isn’t a moment to “wait and see.” We have to raise our voices. We can’t let Trump cheat his way out of losing. We...

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