40 clean water conversations down, 110 to go



CCI Action members know that protecting our water from factory farm pollution is an issue that affects all Iowans – that’s why they’ve set the goal of talking face-to-face with all 150 state legislators this session about the importance of cleaning up Iowa’s water.

So far, we’ve met with 40 legislators.

On Tuesday and Wednesday of each week, members of our citizen lobby team take another step towards achieving their goal by speaking with more legislators at the capitol. They share personal testimony and go through our clean water legislative priorities with them, which you can find here.

Member Barb Lang of Des Moines tells us why she’s a CCI Action citizen lobbyist working towards meeting with all 150 legislators:

 I am a lifelong resident of Iowa and appreciate the advantages that I was given. Primarily, a good and affordable education, a clean environment, and many job opportunities.

The conditions in Iowa have changed, though; we have over 600 polluted waterways, foul air, over 8,000 CAFOs, a decline in financial support for education, an inadequate minimum wage, and a scarcity of jobs. I was given much more than this, and feel a responsibility to help restore the healthy conditions that once existed in Iowa.

And meeting with legislators isn’t the only thing our members are doing at the Statehouse.

Things happen quick in the legislature; that’s why our citizen lobby team is there, working as the peoples’ eyes and ears.

CCI Action citizen lobbyists challenge the corporate agenda at every turn – they’re attending legislative committee meetings – right  where legislation is born. And they’re also pushing for good bills, monitoring bad bills, and lending the voice of everyday Iowans’ to issues impacting people most.

Have a flexible schedule during the week? Contact us to join the citizen lobby team, and we’ll let you know how you can get involved!


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