CCI Action’s 2022 General Election Endorsements

At CCI Action we believe in doing politics differently. That means using elections to advance our key issue campaigns and supporting candidates who believe, like we do, that we need to put people and the planet first, and who understand that change only comes from the bottom up.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our general election legislative endorsements.

Jessica Wiskus Senate District 42 (Linn and Benton Counties)

CCI Action knows that solutions to the problems we face come from the people that face them everyday. Wiskus has been organizing in her own community and her district to fight the CO2 pipelines, and plans to take those voices to the statehouse with her to work for a safer, greener Iowa.

Jessica has been standing side-by-side with her neighbors and our communities to fight the proposed CO2 pipelines. She has been out listening to rural voters about the changes we need, and she’s committed to bringing those voices with her to the statehouse. That’s the kind of leadership we’ve been looking for.

– Hannah Bott, CCI Action member, Mount Vernon

Jessica’s campaign site

Sarah Trone Garriott Senate District 14 (Dallas County)

Garriott has spent the last two years bringing voices and perspectives directly to the statehouse that have otherwise been overlooked or straight up ignored. She knows how important it is to hear these voices in order to curate solutions for everyday people.

“We need folks in office who are willing to take a stand for everyday Iowans, even when it’s not popular. Sarah has spent the last two years listening to the needs of her constituents and taking those issues to the statehouse. We need her in office to continue to work for all of us.”

– Vern Tigges, CCI Action member, Adel

Sarah’s campaign site

Kay Pence for House District 70 (Clinton and Scott Counties)

Kay is a long-time CCI Action member who has taken up the fight for clean water and for workers’ rights. She has pledged to support making Iowa’s minimum wage a living wage, and fight for the quality of life for rural Iowans.

Kay has spent decades fighting for workers’ rights and clean water in our state. She understands what it takes to make change happen, and she’ll bring everyday people into the political process

-Cathy Glasson, CCI Action board member, Coralville

Kay’s campaign site

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