2018 Governor’s Race Candidate Questionnaires

The 2018 Iowa gubernatorial race will be hotly contested. There’s a wide field of challengers who want to take on Kim Reynolds and her corporate cronies.

But will our state’s next governor be a People & Planet First champion or yet another “business as usual” politician?

That’s where we come in!

The CCI Action board of directors sees this as an opportunity to inject our style of progressive populism into the race to do politics differently.  CCI action has decdided to start a formal endorsement process for the governor’s race.

Specifically, we think our endorsement process is a way to:

  • Advance our organizing campaigns, by making candidates take a stand on our issues.
  • Build our people-power base, bringing like-minded Iowans into our work.
  • Train ourselves on doing electoral field work – knocking on doors, making calls, talking to voters, etc.

Ultimately, we want to lay the groundwork for a possible co-governing relationship – where elected officials govern hand-in-hand with movement organizations like CCI Action.

To kick start the process, we sent an issue questionnaire to all gubernatorial candidates. You can use the links below the image to read responses from each candidate.


(click to enlarge)



Nate Boulton

Cathy Glasson

Andy McGuire

Jon Neiderbach

John Norris

Todd Prichard

Brent Roske

Ross Wilburn

Click here to view a condensed comparison of answers on our candidate scorecard.

As the race progresses, stay tuned!  In the meantime, if you see a gubernatorial candidate, make sure to ask them one of the four questions we think all candidates should answer. Then let CCI Action staff know how the conversation goes!