Weekly Updates for February 15, 2019

Things really picked up this week at the Statehouse. With three weeks until the first funnel, we saw more than 1,000 files and study bills introduced. Among the issues legislators are looking at over the next few weeks are traffic cameras, sports betting, and those nasty Medicaid and SNAP work requirements we told you about last week. Yesterday, a team of members were at the Capitol to weigh in on the work requirement bills during the subcommittee meeting. The results: we found that Republican legislators pushing the bills didn’t understand them or the impact they could have. Even the corporate lobbyist from Opportunity Solutions Project (a right wing think tank from Florida) couldn’t explain how the bill would function as law or how many people it would affect.  Notice what’s missing on the above list of bills? Ending privatized Medicaid and getting profits out of healthcare, a moratorium on factory farms or anything to do with clean water, and...

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More power grabs from utility companies are on the way

Iowa’s two largest, for-profit, monopoly energy utilities, MidAmerican Energy and Alliant Energy, are at it again.  There are already two greedy utility power-grab proposals in the works at the Iowa Statehouse. The first: Senate Study Bill 1036 (SSB 1036) This bill aims to undermine the independence and expertise of the Iowa Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Advocate (OCA). The OCA are the people’s lawyers. They work to represent us – Iowa utility customers – on utility costs and provide oversight on Iowa’s monopoly utilities. Utilities don’t like OCA’s oversight power – or any oversight, really – as it can get in the way of their policy attempts to line their already deep profit pockets.I encourage you to give Bleeding Heartland’s coverage of SSB 1036 a read: Key GOP lawmaker seeking to gut Iowa’s consumer advocate. In...

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